Your journey into expressive arts

Art has always had the ability to lead us to places deep within that we may not have experienced before.  The expressive arts, including dance, drawing, collage, free writing, and more, allows us to explore our own inner depths in a playful, relaxed, stress-free way. During the process, though we may go through some dark places, we have the support of the group as well as the facilitator. Chinling Hsu, an experienced facilitator, serves as an objective observer, or “witness,” in the process. 

Chinling has not only been certified in the expressive arts, but has used the process to lay her soul bare and explore the depths of her own heart, making her a more empathetic and non-judgmental facilitator, as well as a fellow explorer on the journey. Chinling creates a playful environment for our deep exploration. When we can dance, draw, or sing our way into the  shadow and see our blocks, we are then able to deal with and/or release what’s holding us back, and are free to move on in a more creative, and heart-centered way.

Artful wellness

There is an ancient connection between art and heart, a connection of which our ancestors were aware but which has been lost to many of us. When the connection is made again, using the tools and methods of the expressive arts, our relationships become healthier, we experience increased motivation and willingness to make positive changes in our lives, and we develop empathy and a greater understanding of others and their growth processes.

When the blocks that have held us back are removed, we experience an increased flow of creativity, health, and connection with spirit, self, and others. We find that we can sing, we can dance, and we can feel the joy of living life passionately, expressing the gratitude in our hearts through our creativity. 



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